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Symphonie Planters

We are manufacturer of large planter boxes for planting small trees and decorative shrubs.

Our Symphonie Planters brand offers wide collection of plant boxes, that fits perfectly into the space of traditional as well modern architecture. The products are designed for outdoor and indoor applications.

Elegant form, well thought solutions and perfect finish of all details are main characteristic of our products. We use selected wood species and wood-based materials, all resistant to the impact of biological corrosion. A rigid inner or outer frame ensures construction stability and resistance to extreme weather conditions. Robust corrosion protection of steel and durable coatings of wood assures many years of continue use without defects.

Symphony Planter boxes have been placed already in many European cities. Individual finish in terms of color, size and even city logotype, allows easy entry in the space of surrounding architecture. In addition to urban areas, our products are frequently applied to green roofs, terraces, in the surroundings of hotels, restaurants, public and private buildings. We supply ready-to-plant products. In addition to the catalog models, we also manufacture bespoke products.


We conduct extensive cooperation with landscape Architects throughout Europe. There are not too small or too large projects. We are flexible in terms of used materials and the method of finish. Please contact us with your enquiries.

Cities and municipalities are one of our main customers. Selected models of planters are dedicated for urban spaces such as parks, squares, streets etc. Those planters are designed as heavy-duty with minimal service required.



That is a group of private consumers including companies, hotels, restaurants, schools, theaters, palaces etc. We supply either catalog standard models or personalized ones according to specification of the place.

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In order to obtain a quote, we encourage you to send an inquiry using the form below or using the email address: info(@) The Symphonie Planters sales department is at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00