Chanson is a classic model of a tree box, with its style referring to pots straight from the famous Versailles garden.

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CHANSON is a classic and extremely elegant model of a tree box that refers to the style of the famous Versailles garden. The planter will be perfect for historic and classic surroundings, emphasizing its character.

A solid steel frame allows for planting heavy, large-size plants. Due to the appropriately large capacity, the pot ensures optimal growth conditions and the necessary space for the free development of the root system.

The unique design of the CHANSON allows you to detach all four side walls to replace the soil, inspect the root ball or plant the plant by inserting it from the side.

Chanson CHA078 / RAL 9005 (Jet black)


All elements made of steel have been protected against corrosion by the use of a zinc primer and decorative and protective coating with durable polyester powder paint containing UV filters.

The openwork bottom, depending on the selected option, is made of galvanized steel grating or durable exotic wood. This ensures effective drainage and aeration of the roots necessary for the proper growth of plants.

In 2016, the Chanson model was modernized, introducing further improvements affecting its long-term and trouble-free use. Among them there are, among others side walls covered on the inside with steel sheet in the color of the frame.


As standard, all wooden elements of the pot are painted in the color of the steel frames. The two-stage protection of these elements is as follows:
– An underlay designed to preserve and protect wood, among others against blue stain and decay fungi.
– Semi-matt toughened acrylic paint. It creates a waterproof, vapor-permeable and flexible coating that perfectly adapts to the substrate and the season.

The basic colors from the RAL palette in which the pots are offered are:
RAL 6021 – “Pale Green”
RAL 9010 – “Pure White”
RAL 7016 – “Anthracite Grey”
At the customer’s request, we can provide the CHANSON model in any color of your choice, consistent with the RAL palette.

Chanson CHA071 / RAL 6021 (Pale green)
a piece of Poland in Andalucía-1

Easy panel removal

The main design feature of CHANSON planter is that any of the side walls can be removed for soil replacement, root ball inspection or repotting a large plant.
Dislodging the walls is very simple, involving sliding four pins out of their sockets, removing the outer jumpers and pulling the walls out of the planter.


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    Construction, materials and additional options
    Catalog number: External dimensions: Internal dimensions:
    50 x 50 x h76cm
    40 x 40 x h46cm
    64 x 64 x h90cm
    54 x 54 x h60cm
    71 x 71 x h90cm
    61 x 61 x h60cm
    78 X 78 X h106cm
    68 X 68 X h76cm
    85 x 85 x h123cm
    75 x 75 x h93cm
    99 x 99 x h113cm
    89 x 89 x h83cm
    120 x 120 x h103cm
    110 x 110 x h73cm